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Hear from our happy clients...

Farm Table and Bench

A few months ago, we spoke on the phone about a farm table and bench for a dining room. The wood was from an old mill from New Hampshire.  But what we got in the end was more than what we expected. The table came out amazing. The table has become more than just a table, it's become the anchor of our household where conversations start and memorable dinners take place. We just wanted to take this time to thank you for creating our dream table. The warmth of the natural wood mixed with the industrial chairs creates a striking impression when anyone first walks in. Again we thank you for your hard work and we hope to have future projects for you.

--J. Ross

dining room table

I stumbled across Bryan and Susan of Concepts Created by accident and within 20 minutes of meeting and seeing other works, I had pre-ordered a dining room table.  It became the show piece of that room.  I love his work and the use or reclaimed wood so much and writing this, I realized that I have had him back 3 more times for a total of 5 items.  And, still, the next thing I end up needing made of wood, I'll be ringing up their number again.  I give them my solid endorsement and I might be considered a 'picky' consumer.


Kitchen Table

Our table is amazing. It is the centerpiece of our kitchen, it is where we congregate, eat meals, play games and center ourselves as a family. It provides us with a strong and sturdy base to start and end our day. No other piece of furniture can do that with such beauty and craftsmanship!

--Pam and Gary

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